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For some people consistency is easy, I am not one of them. I am good with commitment but sticking with it can be tough sometimes. Some days I am in too much pain to work and other days I am on fire, you never know what’s coming.

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00:00 It is successful if it’s sustainable
01:30 Consistency is queen
07:56 Just do it and make it done
10:36 What are you gonna be consistent with?
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Molly: Consistency is everything. Like, everything. MAN One of one of the greatest lessons that I learned in all of my failures is that something can never truly be successful if it’s not sustainable. And I learned that because I was pushing a boulder uphill with my last business, and it was successful to everybody else, but it was killing me, you know, for those people looking from the outside in and it looked great. But for me, life is killing me. And when I thought that it did mean finally I was relieved. I was legitimately relieved, you know, and that was the lesson. If it’s not sustainable, it can’t be successful. Right. It has to be sustainable. It’s just like anything else. Right.

It has to be sustainable or it’s just not going to keep going. It sounds so simple. It sounds so simple. But sometimes when we’re caught in the minutia and we’re just working so hard and we’re going, going, going, going, especially if you live in the United States, especially if you live in a city, you don’t even have time to stop and think about what it is that you want to do right, or what it is you’re doing or what it is that you’ve done right. Oh, man. Talk about the hamster wheel. Right. So one of the lessons in recording this podcast and starting this brand with you and providing this value is consistency. You know, I need some accountability in my life, and I know that consistency is queen. So just today I was meeting with one of my podcast clients and you know, he’s got a great podcast, he’s got great stories to tell. He’s ready to go, but he’s not consistent. And we’re talking about future episodes and seasons. And I said, you know, I know this is counterintuitive. Is a person taking your money, but you should save your money and your time if you’re not going to be consistent, if you’re not going to do this weekly or bi-weekly or monthly with a whole lot of marketing in between, like a whole lot like I’m talking about blog posts, LinkedIn articles, I’m talking about like very, you know, Gary Vee 99 piece content out of one jam. Jim’s situation. Yeah, once a month you could get it done, but then I wouldn’t recommend it.

Do you want this thing to pop up? You want to get those big-money sponsors. You got to be consistent. You got to show up week in and week out. Yeah, well, I better take some of my own medicine. Right. The problem with showing up week in and week out is you got to show up week in and week out. And that shit is tiring, man. You know, I’ve been trying to do blog posts and newsletters, and every week there it is on my to-do list and I’m sick of seeing it on my to-do list, man. I’m sick of seeing it on my to-do list, you know. And according to Atomic Habit by James Clear, when you have too many things resonating in your brain and too many things on your to-do list, and too many tabs open, right? You don’t do a very good job of any of it. You do. You turn to be remotely useless on everything when you have too many things lingering. And so you might say to yourself, I’m going to do this later, but your brain’s like, No, no, no, no, I’m going to hold a little space for that. And as you know, we all have decision fatigue you can only make.

So I don’t know if you know what that is, but they say you can only make 20 good decisions a day before you start to wane on the quality of your decision-making. Right. That’s why people like Zuckerberg and Bill Gates and people like that wear the same outfit every day because it’s one less decision that they have to make. Right. As they love their khakis, they fit well. And they love that shirt. They’re just going to wear it every day and it works for them. And I’m not mad because you’ll notice that I wear the same stuff every day too. So I’m not saying I’m as smart as that, I’m just saying I’m lazy. But the point is, you get 20 good decisions a day before they start to wane off. And so if you’re making all these other decisions, doing all these other things, it affects your ability to do good, do a good job on the next one. And it’s the same thing with lingering tests like the studies show.

Right, if you have all these things on your to-do list, that prevents you from showing up 100% and doing a great job on the other one. And so that reminds me, you know, it’s like, you know, how many times have you like rolled out a super long to-do list, like zero measures, and then you check off all the easy, nonconsequential shit first that doesn’t actually move the needle and then that other one drags and it drags announced Friday and you’ve looked at that thing five times and you’ve actively made the decision five times not to do it well. You strengthen the wrong muscles. Life is a muscle man. Life is one big muscle, and if you keep using the same one, it’s just going to get bigger and bigger. And I don’t want my bullshit muscles to get bigger, right? I don’t want another reason to not write the newsletter. Do not write a blog. Right. Consistency is a really hard one for me, man. And you know, today, a perfect example. I was like, you know, Monday, it’s Thursday, you know, who knows what day it is in your world by the time you hear this? But it’s Thursday in my world. Well, Monday I was supposed to record this podcast, right? So I’ve been summoned all week. I’ve been a little bit depressed. You know, that’s a downer. I live super depressed. Right. I got a lot going on. A streak is a beautiful place, but it’s a quiet place and provides a lot of self-reflection, which is probably how I was able to get to this place in the first place. But you know, it’s been difficult and I’ve had a hard time. And so, you know, it’s you know, I don’t wake up looking as good as a lot of effort goes into this though. You know, I finally got my shit together, right? I got up today and I got up early. I have a sales job. I’m like, I’m going to crush this. I’m going to make sure I look good in my hair. And did it. It turned out right.

I did a sales meeting and I’m ready to start recording these podcast episodes I turn my camera on and here comes the fucking weed whacker and the gardeners. And there’s four of them and there’s one on a riding lawn mower and there’s one of them with a weed whacker. I’m like, You have, of course. And of course, it’s happening today because it’s Thursday and they always come on Thursday. So there is not some grand mystery here. No, me. I’m the mystery. I’m the problem. I am the fly on the windscreen. Right. Consistency is hard, man. But, you know, the thing about consistency is it works, man. It works. And so my commitment to you with this podcast is to remain consistent because I can’t talk all this shit to my clients and tell them, Hey, you got to be consistent in your burgers, you got to do it every week or biweekly, and you got to market and you got to do well. If I’m not going to do it to them, then what kind of shit am I talking about and who’s going to buy me? Who’s going to buy the ticket and take my ride? Nobody. And you shouldn’t. Because if I’m not going to do it too, then, then. Then who am I to tell you what to do? Right. Which is probably why I don’t like that coach title. Remember the last episode we talked about?

So I. I promise I’m going to be consistent, right? And so I’m probably going to have to batch record these. You know, I got tons. I have so many things to talk to you guys about. You know, I’ve done podcasts in the past where they were interview podcasts and I was with other people and I enjoyed that for sure. And the effort was to like not to be the only voice in the room because I definitely mean, I am a steam roller. I am realizing more and more as I get older that I just. Man. I can be a bit of a spotlight stealer and I can take a ballplayer and a room man. And that’s kind of sucks to say, but, you know, sometimes I’m hilarious. People appreciate it. Sometimes it’s not. But, you know, in a branded podcast, it’s a business development tool. And I’ve been doing all these things with other people and going, I’m, you know, not taking my own medicine once again.

So this is my shot at connecting with you guys, really building a podcast that’s like representing me and who I am. I mean, this is what I do for a living. All right. So I want to teach you guys as much as I can. And it’s an organic way with the least amount of roadblocks possible. And so the easiest way for me to do that is to record when I want to record, right? So it might not have been Monday as I had planned. Here’s to next Monday being better. But the thing is, I could do it now. I could do it right now because it’s just me and I don’t need anybody else and I didn’t have to schedule it because sometimes going back to not feeling so great, sometimes you have the best of intentions and you get just super press that day, you know, or anything can happen, like your house could flood or the universe is has different plans for you and that’s just what it is, right? But you still got to show up and you got to get it done. So you gotta do it after dinner. You gotta do it before breakfast or you just gotta do it right, because consistency is always it. And the podcast, right, the podcast and the people that I see succeeding the most are always the ones who are consistent. And you know, as Tupac said, I’m a quote, Tupac, a lot of hope that’s okay with you.

That’s the litmus test of sorts if you will. But he says, you know, if you fall, stand tall and come back for more, right leg consistency is key. Maybe you didn’t get it done when you wanted to get it done. Like this morning with my sleep lovers, but I’m getting it done right. And when you strengthen the right muscles, that shit feels good. You know it feels good. It’s like when you decide to exercise, right? You know, doing it first thing in the morning, man, what a great way to start your day. But when you drag it on through the day, then it’s another thing on your to-do list that you got to do. And then when you don’t do it, it becomes like a bird. And then you start feeling bad about yourself because you didn’t do the thing they said you were going to write. See what I’m saying? Talking about exercising the wrong muscles. So. Uh, as a whole lot of words to say that I am giving you my commitment right now to be consistent with this podcast, no matter how uncomfortable I am, would be on camera all the time, and no matter how depressed I might be on some days or how much of a, you know.

I don’t know, man. I don’t want to be like one of these people telling you how to live your life. And then I don’t do it myself, you know what I mean? I don’t want to be one of those people. And, you know, life coaches at 26 years old. Listen, I lived a lot of life by the time I was 26, too. But, you know, I want to make sure that I’m showing up for you. So this is my on-camera, on-screen, on-microphone commitment to you to do this thing consistently, to lead by example, and to show up every single week for you with a little bit of value. And if nothing else, maybe just hearing my voice. I mean, people say I got a nice voice. They call me Sarah on the drive-through and the telephone all the time. I can’t imagine why. But, you know, apparently, I got a nice voice and I’m funny sometimes, so if nothing else, I got that goin for me. So enough is enough. I’m just talking to hear my voice at this point. So we’re 10 minutes in and I’m going to leave you with that consistency. So actually, no, I’m not ready to leave you. What are you going to be consistent with? Right? What is the thing that you’re struggling with? I’m like, maybe instead of making this huge commitment to this huge lifestyle change and I’m going to go vegan and I’m not going to eat for 19000 hours a day and I’m not going to drink anymore. Okay, one thing. What if you just named one thing that you want to be more consistent with this week?

Like, what is the thing in your life that makes you feel the best? What gives you the biggest reward? And I don’t mean that dirty ass martini that I love so much. I’m talking about, like, like, really feels good. Like, something positive. It’s like, enriching your life. Like, it’s a good, good thing. Like, what is, is it running on the treadmill? Is it going for a walk? Is it hanging out with your little puppy? I just got a puppy. She’s super cute, you’ll see. But like, you know, what is it? And just be more consistent with that one thing. Just one thing, just baby steps, one thing, be more consistent with it, and then let’s talk about it. Man hit me in the comments. What are you working on? I’m originally good at rooting for each other.

It’ll be great. So on that note, thank you for taking the time to listen to me. Here’s to being consistent. You know, my next podcast episode Better Be On Time Around may sound like a real jerk on this one, huh? So thank you all for tuning in. I appreciate that you’re spending your time with me. I hope you have a fantastic day and I can’t wait. See you at the next one. Thank you for tuning in to the next 100 sponsored by Heartcast media. We are a digital media creative agency focusing on branding, marketing, strategy, and amplification for personal branding to podcasting. We’ve got you covered and to continue this conversation, join me on Instagram. My account is @mollydruland and of course, you can also find us at Heartcast media. That’s where the really good stuff is going down. So join me there. Let’s continue the conversation. And until next week, have a good one.