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Don’t be fooled by TikTok, a million views ain’t it. How big does the audience need to be for you to find value in it? Sometimes a conversation with one person can change your business or your life, why can’t your podcast, or content, do the same?


“I’m going to keep it short and sweet. 50 downloads, 100 downloads is solid.” – Molly

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00:00 Intro
02:04 The power of a small and consistent audience
03:52 The problem with going viral
05:25 Creating value and connecting with your audience
06:28 Re-calibrate your goals
07:39 This week’s book report
10:01 Reach out to Molly
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Molly Ruland: Welcome back to the next 100. It’s me, Molly. I’m excited that you’re here. And frankly, I can’t believe you’re here. And the reason why is that I have done a terrible job of marketing this podcast. And so I don’t know if any of you are listening or not, but I’m still going to provide some value. And that brings me to what I want to talk about today, and that’s the value of small audiences. So we produce a lot of podcasts for our clients, large clients, small clients, and all types of clients. And unless it’s a public health messaging situation, volume is not the answer, right? Quantity is not always the answer. Quality over quantity is almost always the answer. And so I want to just kind of dove in on that a little bit. You know, I think that we have been trapped by this tik-tok generation where we feel like everything has to have a million views. You have to have lots of likes. I’m sure you’ve done it before.

We’ve posted, I’ve done it where I’m post-summit and didn’t get as many likes as I wanted it to, so I took it down. Sometimes it was because it was a bad joke and it didn’t land, and I probably shouldn’t have said it in the first place, but a lot of times it’s because there’s insecurity there, right? You know you want to make sure that you’re being heard, and seen. It’s like hard to put yourself out there and then you get crickets back and you think, Man, I’m a fool. I should be doing this right. Or maybe even working on your podcast and you’re spending a lot of time lining up guys, you’re doing editing, doing all these things.

Even if you have a production house editing your podcast, which I always recommend, you’re still spending time on this thing. And so you can put a lot of effort on your podcast and go and be like seven downloads, man, that sucks. Or 50 downloads, that sucks, right? And I hear you right. You know, if and if we’re going to compare ourselves to Joe Rogan or Howard Stern or somebody with a whole lot of backing and, you know.

Time under their belt, then sure you’re going to feel less than if I told you that ten people were waiting to talk to you every Monday morning in a conference room, or even better, waiting to hear what you had to say. Right, there are ten people in a room every single morning waiting to hear what you have to say. And they were going to go implement that in their lives or share it with other people. It was meant to enrich their life. Isn’t that why any US podcasts are either to get business or enrich people’s lives or feel more connected or you know if you smart all the above? Right. But wouldn’t you feel great if that many people wanted to hear, had to say, how many times have you gone to present in a networking meeting or in a situation where, you know, I’ve presented at some conventions, you know, and I was not on the main stage? I was not a keynote speaker.

I was in a little side-janky room and sometimes ain’t nobody was there but a handful of people. But it doesn’t matter because every time I have done that, I have walked away with, like a great connection, you know, maybe some business networking opportunity, a new friendship. You know, it’s rare when I get in front of people that something positive doesn’t come from it. And so I just really want to remind you, right, if you’re getting 50 downloads a week on your podcast, that is super, super solid. If you’re getting anybody to listen to your podcast at all or hear your messaging and all, it’s working. And it’s not going to feel like it’s working for a long time because that’s just how things work. Social Media, SEO Strategies, rankings.

Ultimately, a podcast is SEO, but anything that you’re doing is going to take a little bit of time to get some traction. And so don’t be fooled by Tiktok and Reels and you’ve got to get thousands or millions. And you know, because let’s talk about what would happen, what would happen tomorrow if your business went viral. Could you handle it? You know, you know, it’s easy to get stuck and like trapped in this idea. And I do, too. I’m watching Rails and Spanish. I don’t even know what they’re saying. I’m still watching that shit. And it’s easy to be like, Oh, I want to post that song because I want to get a bunch of, you know. But what are all those views going to do for me? Are those people going to convert? Are they going to discover me? Are they going to even remember me? Does it matter? Are my clients on Instagram? Is that why I’m doing it in the first place? Right.

So don’t get wrapped up in this whole, you know, keeping up with the Joneses or trying to keep up with your peers or be everywhere or be greedy and make 100 pieces of content a day. Because, you know, I’m not sure that that’s it. Right? Like, there is a line of like getting your content out, especially let’s say you’re if you’re a founder of a tech startup or a company and you just got funded and your story got you the money, but now you need to tell the world about your company and your story, you know? Sure. Then you need volume, but that’s all pay-to-play.

Like if you think all these people are getting all these downloads or all these likes on their posts that aren’t just on a personal page if you don’t think they’re paying for that, and let me tell you, I got something to tell you. Hey, it is all pain in play. Now, granted, everybody’s freaking out over the Tiktok algorithm right now is Instagram because it’s more like Tik Tok. And so you’ve probably seen accounts that you don’t follow. But the point is, everything is paid to play and if you want to get in front of you, right? AUDIENCE And it’s going to take time. And so a podcast is a great way to eliminate a third-party platform like Facebook.

Like, I don’t want to pay Facebook for ads. I don’t. You know, they’re effective at times for sure, but is that really where I want to spend my money? For me, I would rather produce a podcast like put time and effort into the content, provide value for my listeners, reach out in ways to help people, and maybe some of you will call me for some consultancy, or maybe you’ll hire Heartcast Media to build your website or whatever, right? And so it’s all about getting in front of people and providing some value and, you know, never taking for granted your numbers, even if they’re really low because you don’t have to be the biggest numbers in the room and you don’t have to go viral. And you want to consider what that means for your business? I know personally, that if Heartcast Media got 100 brand new clients tomorrow, it would be really bad for my business. We would have to hire new people. It would be a nightmare.

Honestly, I don’t want to go viral, so don’t go sharing my content and like crazy people, please, please. Do you know what I’m saying? I got to maintain this. I should put my phone on silent. It’s too late now. Oh, no, I’m in. Perfect. So that’s all I got to say for you today. I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Never underestimate the power of a small audience. 50 downloads, 100 downloads is solid. 5000 downloads are solid, too. But again, what’s the goal? What are you trying to do? What are you trying to accomplish? And how many people is it going to take to get there? So if you’re following me, I appreciate you. I’m going to do a better job marketing and again I appreciate the value of my small audience. All three of you, thank you for being here. And I’ll catch you on the next one.

Yo, yo, yo. You know I’m not going to leave without hitting you with a fresh book report. Like my friend, Bomani ARMAH would say. Read a book. Read a book. Anyway, we’ll get to that later. But you know me, I love to read. Maybe you don’t know that about me, but I love to read because it makes me feel smarter and I learn something every time. And I’ve been focused on business development books and personal development books, but more on business development, which is where a lot of this information comes from. And so this week’s book is “The Million Dollar One Person Business” by Elaine Pofeldt, make great money, work the way you like, and have the life you want. I’m feeling that the tagline could use a little work and then really roll off the tongue.

So. A couple of things. I love hearing women’s voices talking about making money in business development because there’s not enough of that in the space. She gave us tons of practical information. To me, it’s a little bit too broad of a net, and it’s like she doesn’t go deep on anything. However, there are some really good gems in there, like getting paid upfront and how to raise money and, you know, just some real general guidelines, right? If you’re trying to do any one of the things that she’s recommending, you’re going to need to get a lot more information. However, as a giant, broad stroke of you know, you can make $1,000,000 a year in a one-person business. I’m about that life because, you know, it’s all about mindset, right? And when you think that you can, then you can. And if you think, again, you can. And it’s not always that easy.

If you’re trying to make million dollars sound like pretzels, you might have a hard time with that one because there are only two press companies for a reason, right? Do you know what I’m saying? There might be more. But the point is, obviously, not every business will work, but the idea is that a one-person business could make $1,000,000. And I’m about that life. ELAINE That’s her name, I think. Elaine So yeah. So I would say this is a great book to read. I wanted to make a point to read a lot more women’s voices in 2022. And I admittedly really struggled to find more titles by women, especially more titles that were like, really like had a voice that I could listen to. And I don’t mean that superficially, but, you know, sometimes it’s just a little too service or a little too. Yeah, just a little too surface for me. But I thought this was good.

Now, if I had to give it a, you know, out of five stars are probably giving like a three and a half. Do I regret listening to it now? So there you go. It wasn’t that long. You know, I love listening to books super fast. My mom’s from Brooklyn, my dad’s from the Bronx. That should come super normal for me. And so, yeah, man, I would say this is a great book. If you’re interested in reading it, check it out. The link is in the description and yeah, let me know what you thought. I would love some feedback. You know, sometimes I can be a little bit of an asshole, and maybe I missed some things. So let me now hit me with some feedback on a great book.

I just got some high standards from the ladies and the information, but all in all, the sidebar. So all right, see on the next one, thank you for tuning into the next 100 sponsored by Heartcast Media. We are a digital media creative agency focusing on branding, marketing, strategy, and amplification for personal branding to podcasting. We’ve got you covered and to continue this conversation, join me on Instagram. My account is @mollydruland and of course, you can also find us at Heartcast Media. That’s where the really good stuff is going down. So join me there. Let’s continue the conversation until next week. Have a good one.